Rafting the Trinity River

This past Friday was the morale rafting trip! It was a blast! We were expecting the weather to be warmer (was only high 70's) and the water was COLD! The Trinity never really warms up! But the rafting and goofing off was awesome! Since I was the one with the camera the only shot we have of our whole raft is the one that they take for you on the hardest rapid (this is Hell's Hole). But I got a lot of great shots of everyone else! Thanks Joyce for the waterproof camera bag! It worked great!
There was definitely a lot of horsing around! The water actually felt colder when you were just splashed by the rapids then it did when you jumped (or were pulled) in!

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missyb said...

looks like a blast! You mentioned a water proof camera bag?! If you could share as to where I could pick one up! it would be very useful in our household.