Man we have a lot of stuff! It was a lot of work getting everything packed up and I wasn't much help! Alex did awesome at getting the house packed up & loaded into the truck! We'll have to wait and see if doing this all ourselves is worth it!

Mr. Ned was afraid we'd leave him behind, or maybe that we'd stick him in a box... so he hung out in the car the whole time we (Alex) were packing the trailer
The disaster of a half packed house!

The neighbor kids love Aidan! They pulled their play tents over and hung out with him! They were a big help in keeping him occupied while I tried to help load boxes
The trailer- partially packed


Trinity Hike

Sine I did no go I can't tell you about the hike... and getting Alex to take time to write on this blog is impossible! But here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Grandma Joy visits

Joyce came out to visit and meet Aidan in July! It was perfect timing because Alex had planned a hiking trip in the trinities with John, Bobby & Steve. It had been on his list of 'to-do's in Humboldt' since we got here! Although Joyce wasn't too keen on him being gone for most of her time out here... I was thankful she was here while he was gone! She got lots of play time with Aidan, helped a TON with packing (THANK YOU!) and cooked and cleaned! It was wonderful! We set up the swing while she was here, Aidan didn't care too much for it at first but quickly realized this was a great place to hang out!


We're still here...

it's just been a little hectic with getting ready for the move... 10 days to go!


One whole month!

Aidan is ONE MONTH old today!
This last month has flown by- and only one more till we will be on the East Coast!