some time out witht he pups

This past weekend we took the pups out twice! Usually not uncommon but we have been super busy lately! On Saturday we went up to College Cove Beach. It seems our typical Humboldt winter has finally started to set in.... it was foggy, drizzly & muddy! Which can make for just as pretty pictures as good weather. The waves were pretty decent and there were a ton of surfers out there!
Sunday we futzed around the house most of the day... but managed to make some time for a walk in the slough. It was again... foggy and moist!
Banana slugs out in force!

Eureka made the National News!

Even though most newscasters had no idea where Eureka actually is- they sure were talking about our earthquake the other day! The 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit Humboldt County just before 4:30pm Saturday evening. We had been up at the air station, Alex was using the machine shop to mount some new ski's he had bought. I had just ran down to Safeway to grab a few things when it hit! It was pretty intense, everyone was freaking out and started running outside! There were things falling off the shelves and the light posts outside were swaying back and forth! Alex said that he could hear the beams and hanger door creaking and saw all the cars in the parking lot bouncing up and down on their shocks! The radio was saying that most people were without power, but the air station was fine. And by the time we had gotten home our power was back on too. We had minimal damage at the house, a bunch of stuff fell off of shelves but only a few actually broke. We were worried about the large mirror we have hanging above the stairs, but it survived!

Here are some vidoe's and photos people have taken in the area....

Times Standard photo gallery


Humboldt Soccer League Tournament

The soccer league we play in held it's first tournament the first weekend of the year. It was 2 days of non-stop soccer! There were 2 divisions with 4 teams in each... we did not make it to the finals but they had a good time playing!
The pups started out watching from the bleachers....But were quickly scooped up by the kids! A great way to entertain both parties!Our team was all Coasties called "Super Groupers" and they made T-shirts that claimed them as the '09 tournament champs... even though no tournament existed in 2009. Caught a few people off guard!


Home for the Holidays!

We got to go back to Pennsylvania for Christmas this year! And it was a white Christmas at that! Alex had some trouble with flights and the snow storm.... but eventually made it home. His delay wasn't all bad, he got an impromptu visit with Brian & Petra! While home I took a few days and went out to see Charlotte & Brendan's new place and then over to Staten Island for a visit with the Hollopeters & Reeds! We also got to see Mike & Melissa's new house, and visit with Dave before he left for Florida for the rest of winter! Our time flew by so quickly- we're grateful for the folks we got to see and hope to see the ones we missed next time we're back!