Mountain biking catastrophe

There is a difficult mountain biking trail that Alex and a few other guys have found. The top of the trail is about a half hour outside of town up at the top of the mountain (obviously) Last Tuesday I drove them up to the top- about 2 miles into the ride Matt took a tumble and got a pretty nasty gash on his leg. It was about 6 inches long right next to his knee and it went down to the bone. Thankfully there was 4 of them- Nick stayed with Matt while Alex and Andrew headed down the rest of the trail to get cell service to call 911. Andrew met me at the bottom and we headed back up to the top to meet the ambulance. We all hiked down to him and they bandaged it up. Not knowing if he tore any ligaments they wouldn't let him walk out- thankfully there was a clearing not far up the hill big enough for the helo to hoist him out. It would have been a VERY long tough hike out if they had to carry the litter with him in it! It was dark and hard enough doing it not carrying anything! These were all taken with my phone... so they're a little blurry...
He is doing fine now.... they did a little bit of microscopic surgery to clean it out and check for any internal damage and then stitched it up! Now he just has to deal with getting slack for having to be rescued by his fellow CG guys!

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