ONE whole year!

Man this year has just flown by! Monday April 21st was our one year wedding anniversary! The restaurant we wanted to go to is closed on Mondays so we went last night... to the Sunset Restaurant at the Casino in Trinidad! The food was good and scenery as always was great! Alex got me a beautiful shell necklace on a string of dark fresh water pearls! And I got him some plants for his office and a light for our grill!


Paint the Day Away....

Charlotte's Bridal shower was a BLAST!!! We went to a paint your own pottery studio and made her a "party" set! I had each lady paint an appetizer plate and the bridesmaids and Charlotte painted some bowls and large platters! I made a design to stencil on each plate so they all matched and Charlotte picked out her color scheme! It turned out FABULOUS! Congratulations Charlotte and Brendan!!