Above and Beyond the call of duty!

We just found out that Rotor & Wing Magazine has awarded Alex and the rest of the crew that saved the S/V Jack back in December of 08 the Helicopter Heroism Above and Beyond Award!

Congratulations to Alex, Lauren, Shawn and Celso!!!! Along with all of the other nominee's for all their dedication and hard work, risking their lives to save others!!


I was talking with Alex the other night about how we hadn’t done anything “bloggable” lately… then I looked at my camera!! Where I found lots of great things that we’ve done the past few weeks! I guess I couldn’t see past a certain something that we’ve been dealing with….

Below you’ll see what we’ve been up to!

My Ned Monster!

So we got back to the house the other night after taking the dogs out and Ned was still very needy! So I was playing with him on the floor and put my sweatshirt over his head! It was hilarious! he swaggered around aimlessly snapping his chompers and flailing his head around! I'm not sure if you've ever tried to take a picture of a dog like this... but it's very difficult! LOL You could tell he was using his ears and nose to figure out what was around him. And just about the time I'd get ready to snap a picture he would barrel his way over to me- totally ruining the shot!

We had a visitor!

I was cleaning up the kitchen and saw Ned cocking his head looking quite perplexed at something.... I go and find its a little salamander/lizard thing! I'm not quite sure what it was doing in my kitchen- but Ned seemed to enjoy it! I called Alex in to take it back outside before Ned ate it or something!

Paddling the Little River

On one really nice sunny afternoon we decided to take the boats up to Moonstone to paddle the Little River. We arrive at the beach to find it totally fogged in! It wasn't cold and windy- just foggy. So we decided to still put the boats in since we were there and at least the pups would get a good swim! Well a few mins upstream the sun came out it was nice and clear and warm! We had a great time! It reminded us that we can't let the fog stop us from getting out and about!

Girls weekend!

So a few of us got together and rented a vacation home up in Medford, OR for the weekend! We had a great time hanging out, shopping, and enjoying the weather- it was 105 degrees!!! It was a nice change from the Eureka muck!

On the way back we stopped at a winery that had a pond with some geese!

We all had a blast and hopefully will do it again soon!

It gets pretty foggy here some days....

sunset soccer on the beach

We took the pups to the beach for a little sunset run and brought the soccer ball with us for fun. Ned is really a good defender! He helps us practice a lot! Maddie surprisingly (for how skittish she is) loved playing as well! She didn't know not to bite at it though- thankfully we've taught Ned not to! But there were no holes in the end! They had a blast! And the sunset was really pretty!!


I have posts to catch up on!

and I will... promise!

Maybe tomorrow!