Jon's wedding 10.18.08

We flew down to St. Augustine, Fl for Jon's wedding! I wish we could have stayed a bit longer and enjoyed the sun and beaches! But we had a good time at the wedding and seeing some friends we rarely get to see!

Molli's wedding 10.17.08

So I found out that a good friend from grade school was going to be getting married while we were back on the east coast. I rearranged me schedule so that we could go to her ceremony! It was so great to see her again and I will definitely give her a call to hang out the next time we are back home! - My camera wasn't cooperating very well...


Heathers Wedding! 10.11.08

Heather and Ben had a beautiful wedding at SkyTop Lodge in the Pocono's. It was great to see the Trappers again and finally meet Ben! Although the mass was hard to understand we had a great time the rest of the night! Good food, good friends, lots of dancing and a great location!


Anna's 97!

Happy Birthday Anna!

our trip back east!

We had a wonderfully crazy 10 days back east! We were in 6 states and saw lots of family and friends, went to 3 weddings, and had a 97th birthday party for Anna! Here are a few pictures of the fall foliage and such- Boy do I miss the changing colors! I'll make separate posts on the weddings! Unfortunately I can be somewhat of a scatter brain with my camera and do not have any pictures of our visit with Lauren/Rob and Amy & family- I did manage to get a shot of the Verrazano bridge which Taylor has a view of from his bedroom window- so that kind of counts. But I believe I have pictures of most of our other stops!


Sunrise in the fall!

I Love a Humboldt sunrise in the fall. Probably because it doesn't rise over the mountains till around 7:30. This means I don’t have to get up at the ass crack of dawn to see it! I can enjoy its beauty on my way to work! These were taken this morning on my way to work (from inside my car while driving with my point and shoot... I desperately want to stop on the side of the road with me Nikon one morning) - not some of the best morning colors... but still pretty awesome!


Heading home again

We head back the the East coast on Friday for 2 wedding and a week home visiting everyone! I'm sure there will be lots of pictures to share when we get back!

Soccer games

So we finally have enough people (actually girls) on the team to allow for subs! This means I can bring my camera and actually have time to take some shots!

This girl ment business!

She actually yelled at the guy in blue to stay away from her while she traped the ball... you can see him laughing!