Our new bedroom!

I know its a bit messy... we're still unpacking from Christmas as well as putting the house back together from the contractors! BUT!!! we have new bedroom furniture!!! yea!!! I love it! Now i just have to re-figure the pictures on the wall to be more centered!


26 on the 26th!

Boy is Alex getting OLD!! haha!

We did presents, dinner and had cream cheese cupcakes with his mom then headed out to meet up with a bunch of friends!

yes i know- neither me or his mom could figure out what was wrong with the 2!

Unfortunately they were closing the bar and wouldn't let them buy any more tokens to play the games..... so they decided to have some fun anyway!! haha!! Alex and Gina also played an interesting game of name a band that begins with each letter of the alphabet! SO amusing! haha!! Good times good times!

Christmas 2007

Well after sitting around the Eureka airport for a few hours we finally left- got rerouted through Dallas and made it home only about 3 hours later then our original plan. I'm not complaining because we were scheduled to go through Chicago- who had a ton of cancellations!

We had a FABULOUS few days (always wish it was more) at home! We spent Xmas eve with Joyce and then Xmas day with everyone at my parents! It was so nice to be home with everyone! And also SO SO glad that Anna made it through this Christmas! Although she was not quite herself... she was alot better then any of us hoped for I think!!

Here are a few pictures...

Oh and the pups also had a good time while we were gone! Jeff kept them quite busy! They (or should i say HE) did manage to eat my front blinds and curtains!!! but all in all its not bad! It could have been much worse! lol


Home for Christmas!

We have started our treck home for Christmas! Already we have delays... this better not be the theme for the rest of the night. Our 7:30pm flight was bumped back to 8:45pm... We still make our connection so all is good. Cross your fingers that there will be no other complications!

On the bright side... since we're delayed in Eureka we came over to the CG station to play on the internet instead of sitting around an airport!

Happy travels and Joyous holidays to all! Here's hoping we don't spend ours in Chicago airport!

First Snow of the year!

So we were itching for some fun in the snow.... so although it was raining we trucked up the mountian for some fun! It was wet... but we still had fun. Ned was a maniac! running wildly around up, down and around! Alex brought his mini shovel (don't ask.. he's a dork) and decided to make a "snow castle" He was so proud! We will have to make this a weekend habit!



Taylor turns 6!! yea!
We had a fantastic little party for one of my most favorite neighbors!! Love you taylor!

Christmas truck parade!


Alex's Windy Rescue

December 5th, 2007 MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. -

An HH-65 helicopter, from Air Station Humboldt Bay, rescued Craig Peterson, a native of Chetco River, Ore., 50 miles north of Eureka, Calif., on Sunday, in the midst of the first large winter storm to hit the Northwest Coast this year.Peterson left Chetco River, Ore., in late November, alone aboard his 25-foot Catalina Sailing Vessel, Jack, and was reportedly bound northwest to fish. His family became concerned for his safety and notified the Coast Guard on Nov. 28. After receiving the report from his family, the Coast Guard began broadcasting an urgent marine information broadcast (UMIB), in an attempt to contact the Sailing Vessel Jack.At approximately 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, Peterson contacted the Coast Guard reporting a broken rudder and taking on water over the side of his vessel. Peterson only had one personal floatation device (PFD), and a flare gun onboard. He did not have a survival suit to protect him from the 50-degree water temperature, or any back-up radio or emergency positioning indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) onboard.The HH-65 helicopter made the 50 nautical mile transit in less than 25 minutes, and arrived on scene at 7:25 p.m., to find the sailing vessel Jack in sustained 50-mph winds and seas estimated to be at 30-feet. After discussing his options Peterson elected to be hoisted rather then stay onboard his vessel.Due to the swinging mast, the helicopter crew informed Peterson that he would need to jump into the water to be picked up by the rescue swimmer, Petty Officer 2nd Class Shawn Lesko. Following the first attempt at rescuing Peterson, the helicopter crew dropped a flare to increase illumination and moved in a second time releasing Lesko into the water. Despite an injured back sustained in the lowering process, Lesko successfully swam the short distance to the vessel, and enticed Peterson into the water as they both swam away from the boat.While the seas surged through blowing rain to just 30 feet below the aircraft, the helicopter moved back in to enable flight mechanic, Petty Officer 3rd Class Celso Jaquez, to deliver a basket to the water. The crew successfully pulled both men out of the water just as the helicopter hit minimum fuel state. Due to the low fuel state they returned to Air Station Humboldt Bay rather than directly to a hospital. Following treatment at a local medical facility, Peterson was released with no complications, while Lesko was treated for a lower back sprain and then released. The HH-65 was piloted by Lt. Lauren Cox, and assisted by co-pilot Lt. j.g. Alex Barker, who are both stationed at Air Station Humboldt Bay.


Ned's Sweater!

OK... so if you don't know already Ned is quite the character! I took him to the beach today in all this wind and rain! They had a BLAST! but Ned was frozen (Hanna didn't mind a bit!) He wouldn't leave me alone and was looking so pathetic when we got home that I put my fleece and some towels in the dryer and put it on him! He was cozy warm! AND he didn't fight it at all, kept it on most of the night!!


Our Chirstmas Tree!

So today we went on an adventure to find our Christmas tree! We drove up into the mountains with a few of our neighbors! It was super cold- but no snow- boo-hoo! Although I'm not sure snow would have made it easier to walk up those hills! Fantastic views though! Finally after hiking around for a few hours we found OUR tree! Once home we dove right into all our holiday decorating! We had a great time! Here are a few pics!