I have an aphid problem!
The've infested my green beans! Thankfully it seems they haven't affected the production of beans.... they're just all over the stems! So I got ladybugs to eat them! The guy at the store said to keep them in the fridge till evening- then water the garden and let them out once it's dark. I guess this helps them from flying away. They're more inclined to go to sleep then when they wake up they look for food- find my aphid and chow down!
So we went out the other night to release them- a whole container full! There has been a huge spider web out there but I hadn't seen any spider on it- apparently he only comes out at night. And he's HUGE! The water made his web look really cool!This one was jut really freaky! click on it to enlarge!Unfortunately when I got home from work the next day there were not that many ladybugs left on my green beans. Some had migrated through the rest of the garden- and there were still a few on the beans. I hope the spider didn't eat them all! I also hope there is enough left to take care of my aphids!

Lewiston Lake for the 4th

We drove up to Lewiston Lake to camp over the 4th of July weekend- well actually it was Thursday and Friday nights since Alex had duty on the 4th. We left after work and got to our campsite with just enough light to quickly set up the tent and make a late dinner. There was a rustling in the trees while we sat around the campfire- the dogs went to check it out but weren't concerned too much with it. When we woke up the next morning it was still there and we found out it was a little baby bird! There was a nest way way up in one of the trees over the campsite that we think he fell out of- poor guy!
We then headed down to the lake! We were surprised at how empty everything was given that it was the holiday weekend! As soon as we stepped in the water we found out why... it was COLD!!! cold cold! cold cold cold COLD! you couldn't stand in it for more then about 30 seconds before your feet would go numb! COLD! THAT would be why there were only boaters and fisherman around! Alex figures that it's because Lewiston Lake is fed out of the bottom of the dam in Trinity Lake- so all the water comes from the deep dark depths!Thankfully we did have the boats with us! The pups didn't mind the cold while we were paddling around- but they quickly got out to soak up the warm sun when we got back! I took Ned out for a paddle!Hanna was still crazy enough to stick her head in and pull big rocks from under the water! She only did this in the begining- the water soon got too cold even for her and she spent most of the time up on shore!Alex decided to practice rolling the kayak!

This only lasted about 3 rolls before he was too cold to move!We drove up to Trinity Lake in the afternoon to check it out- this is the view overlooking it from one of the scenic spots.The water level was SUPER low!But that let us drive down close to the waterWe let the pups out to run behind us... not really thinking about all the dust that we'd be stirring up! Hana was slow and far enough behind us that she didn't get too dirty- but here is Mr. Ned! He was a totally different color- the picture doesn't do it much justice.The water in Trinity Lake was much more tolerable! Still a little chilly when the clouds were covering the sun (which ended up being most the time we were there) but toally swimable! We hung out there for a few hours and then headed out to explore the area some more!

We had to head back to Eureka Saturday morning so Alex could get to duty on time. I spent the evening haning out with the pups while they freaked out at the loud booms! Someone up the street was settign off relativly big fireworks that I could see from the front window- so I didn't even have to get off the couch! Then on Sunday friends of ours had a 5th of July party- since he was on duty with Alex they missed the 4th too! Good food, good friends, good times!

Hope you all had a great 4th!


Here are some pictures of our garden! It's our first one and we're definitely learning! But it's been fun!

We've got....
Snow Peas
Sugar Snap PeasLots of LettucePole beans- just starting to see itty bitty beans now!CarrotsGreen OnionsLeeks
and Broccoli that we left too long and it started to flower- they're pretty though!
We got one head cut on time- it was yummy!
we'll know better for next time.

And here are some shots of the flowers....