Cher-re Heights for dinner

The local casino's all give out stuff for your birthday and anniversary months. Cher-re Heights gives you $50 to spend either in the casino or at their restaurant. So Sunday night (after sitting around all day doing nothing) we got dressed up nice and pretty and went to diner at the Sunset Restaurant! We had a lovely dinner of prime rib and the catch of the day (Ono fish??... had never heard of it but it was pretty good!) YUM! They have a round fireplace in the middle of the restaurant and we got to sit right next to it!
I got new hot rollers for Christmas so now I can do this with my hair!!
(thanks Dad!)

Alex's Birthday

Last Friday was Alex's birthday! I took off work and we spent the day doing pretty much nothing! That has been the theme of this holiday vacation! We've been making very good use of the new couch and TV!!
He asked for a carrot cake this year and I got up and arranged all of his presents and his cake for him to wake up to! Because I knew that he would ask to open presents before he was even out of bed! (which is what happened)... I made him come down stairs but he wasted no time tearing into them!
This is the only face he would give me so this is what everyone gets to see him like. He just asked why I posted such an aweful picture! Maybe he'll think twice next time I ask him to give me a smile! He even got the pups to help!

Given the whole Christmas holiday we thought we'd give people a break on Friday night- so we had a birthday shin-dig on Saturday night! Made some snacks and drinks, had some friends over, nothing big- but we had fun!!



Even though we were not able to make it home this Christmas we still had a great day! It started with sleeping in and then a relaxed morning/afternoon of lounging on the couch and opening presents! We gave the pups each a new stuffed animal- which they proceeded to pull eyeballs off and remove all of the stuffing within the first 5 minutes! For dinner we had 10 of our good friends over with their kids!! We made some tasty steaks and Grams mashed potatoes (which here a huge hit!) all in all we had a really nice Christmas! And made out pretty well in the presents area too!

Hanna stole both animals!My eyes aren't open but it was the only shot of me with my stocking
we got a lot of stuff!



This is what I got to see on my drive to work today!!

First Romp in the Snow

Last week we got the first decent amount of snow up on the mountain! On Sunday we headed up to play around. There were tons of people up there- A little to crowded for us. Especially when you have kids sledding and people parking and others trying to 4-wheel all in the same small area! There was hardly anybody out on the trail though! The snow was pretty deep and the pups had a hard time maneuvering in it! But it was a nice afternoon of playing in the snow!

The pups were pretty tuckered out when we got home!

There was another storm on it's way in and it has been snowing up on the Mt now since Sunday night! We're going to go back up this weekend!

Trinidad Beach

Last Saturday we took the pups up to one of the beaches by Trinidad. Although the sun was out in the morning it has given way to fog and rain by the time we got out there. Which is definitely not as much fun but- but we're used to that by now! Trinidad is lined with tons of huge rock outcroppings- It's really pretty rain or shine!

CG Holiday Party

This year the Coast Guard had their Holiday Party up at Blue Lake Casino. It was a great time- and it just happened to be Ladies night AND Karaoke night! Fun times I tell ya!

I didn't actually take any pictures while we were there but here is us once we got home. As you can see Alex was thrilled with waiting for me to set the camera up!

Along with the CG party- we also had my work party, an engineering party, holiday desserts at a friends and a progressive dinner with the command. All were a lot of fun! Gotta love the holiday season

Our New TV

With this whole switch to digital television we needed to buy a new TV. It appears you can't get a digital signal with a TV that has turn dials on it! LOL!!

And maybe ONE DAY I'll have the match to that speaker sitting on the other side of the TV! That is if Alex ever finishes making it!


Christmas Cookies!

On Sunday I made some sugar cookies and had David and Kathryn come over to help decorate! It was a lot of fun... and a big mess!! They made some seriously creative cookies!! As long as you like a little cookie with your icing your all set! LOL They took most of the ones they made home with them before I got a picture. But here are a few. The rest I finished decorating once they went home!


Christmas tree hunt

This past weekend we headed up the mountain to find the perfect tree! I love living somewhere where we can go and cut our own. Plus it's cheaper then buying one from a lot! We had a big entourage this year- 7 families! We all had a blast and all got great tree's! It was cold, but climbing those hills definitely kept us warm! And the hot chocolate and cider helped too! We searched and searched and Alex finally found one he liked!!