Out for a paddle

We took the boats out for a short paddle Sunday morning. It was the perfect time to see how the little mister would do out on the water & also get some good low impact rehab for Ned! Aidan did great! He did, of course, try to climb out of the boat so he could swim & splash in the water! I had to convince him he could reach just fine staying IN the canoe! He did a bit better in the kayak with Alex- I think the confined space helped him not climb around so much!

There is a CG morale float trip this week and the plan is to take Aidan along... we'll see how that goes!

AC Aquarium

We went to the Atlantic City Aquarium over the weekend. Although it is very small- it was perfect for Aidan! There were tons of touch tanks and he loved running around pointing at EVERYTHING!

fun at the park

We missed playgroup the other day because Aidan slept till 11! Crazy huh!?! Well he had been up for hours in the middle of the night and it was 4am by the time he finally went to sleep!
Anyway... We went to the park for some playtime! He was more interested in the kids that were splashing around in their pool at one of the near by houses- but we still had fun! He loved swinging in the tire swing with me! It's been years since I've been in a tire swing- I had fun too! And he LOVES the slide! I'd love to get one for the house!


Wild Man!

This is what the WHOLE day was like!

Veggies & Summer fun!

We'd left the cooler full of beer and partly melted ice on the porch. Turns out Aidan was hot and dove right in!
Nell's veggies are a little out of control, though we can't wait till harvest time.


For fathers day we decided to go pick some blueberries. Turns out that Hammonton is one of the major producers of it in the country, and we picked the perfect time to get them!
It helps that one of Aidan's favorite foods is blueberries.
Though I never knew it, since I hadn't ever had 'fresh' blueberries, I really like them too (still don't like the store ones so much).

Though I think we went slightly overboard (we picked 20 lbs!) we should be eating some good pie, and be full up of frozen blueberries till next year!

and... we're Baptized!

Party time!

Since I (Alex) missed his actual B-day in DC, Nell had agreed to hold off on his party until I got back. It ended up being a great day, though slightly crowded at night as we had Nell's entire family, her sister's boyfriend Matt, my mom and my cousin Jeff all under one (well two as Matt and I slept in the loft for its first use) roof.

Aidan loved the taste of his cake so much he dove right in... face first.


We finally took Aidan to the beach for the first time of the summer. Granted it was the dog beach, and only on the inlet, he still had a blast. The upside was Ned & Hana got to come, as NJ isn't very dog friendly in the summer. The downside within the first 30 seconds we had to grab Aidan to prevent him from playing with poop!

By the time he was done he was freezing, which considering we had driven over with all the doors off the jeep wasn't that great of a thing. Between G, Matt and the dogs we were able to keep him warm enough, not that he could care one bit either way.We tested his life jacket too, which seamed to work well so we can take him out on the canoe in the next few weeks.


Grandma Joy took us to the petting zoo!

Grandma Joy found a really cute little petting zoo today! Aidan LOVED it- he ran around pointing at everything with such wonder in his eyes! The chickens, ducks & geese that were fee roaming were one of his favorites! He was not scared of any of the animals but he was also very gentle with them- not like he is with our dogs! It was a really great find!


My baby is ONE!

A whole year old!
The time has flown by and he has changed to much over the months!
My baby is turning into a little boy!
Happy First Birthday Aidan!



He's so happy when he's outside!

Splish splash!

This boy loves to splash in the water!
Definitely going to get him a little pool for the summer!