Happy Happy Birthday

A VERY big shout out and HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes for one of my very best friends in the whole wide world... CHARLOTTE!!!!
She is a quarter of a century today!! WHOO-HOO!
Here is one small tribute as to why I love her so much.... Life would be quite boring without her!

Happy Happy Birthday! Can't wait till we're both home for Xmas!

Mr. Ned and his kite!

Hey Hey! Here is a video that I took of Ned playing with the kite! I took it vertically with my camera and have no idea how to turn it right-side up! But its still pretty funny!



We decided to take the last of of long weekend and go for a scenic drive! We went though Ferndale over the hills to Petrolia. It was gorgeous! Although i could have used without all the haze! But i guess that's what to be expected in Humboldt... weather! We stopped for a picnic lunch (in the car cause it was cold and windy!) down by the ocean! Since it was windy Alex broke out the kite- Ned's favorite! It was hard to get good pics with both him and the kite together! We had a great time though! Finally getting out to some of the places we keep talking about going! It's hard to get our butts in gear!

The Beach at Sunset!

The beach is a weekly occurrence! It's so fantastic for the pups! And they just LOVE it! BUT its rare to be there when there is a fabulous sunset... damn FOG! AND its even more rare to be there with a fabulous sunset AND a camera! Unfortunately mine died after a few shots... but here you are!

Thanksgiving '07

OK OK so i'm a week late! anywho.... We had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We went over to Amy and Jasen's with Lisa and Larry for a big feast! Way to much food! But oh was it good! The best part, however, was dessert at the Placidos! OH yes! loads of PIE! I think there was at least one pie per person! YUMMY! we had left overs for few days... that is until Mr. Ned got ahold of the dessert plates on the counter! Who could blame him! There were only a few slices left! Alex and I prolly had more then our share anyways! He was doing us a favor right! haha... yea right! Here are some photos!


The came and they went!

We had quite the fun filled, packed, fast weekend! Mom, Luke and U.Stan enjoyed the visit! We did tons of stuff- and cramed it all into 3 days! We got our very own private demo from one of the CG helicopters as well as a tour, did the whole downtown thing, the redwood thing, the beach thing, the cliffs and rock thing, the nice dinner, the sandwich shop lunches, the list goes on and on! Mom however did NOT like the drive up from SF!! shes not the best on small dark curvy roads! But shes an even worse back seat driver and was constantly yelling at all of us for our driving! She let my uncle do the drive back down to the airport and said that she was going to need some valium to relax her muslces enough to go to sleep! haha!! Next time she says she's paying the extra to fly into Arcata! lol! here are some pics of our weekend!


New Camera!

YEA!!! I got my xmas present early! Alex got me a new compact digital camera! (So I can always take pictures but not have to lug the big one around all the time!) I am the new proud owner of the Cannon powershot SD750! I'm so excited to start using it!

AND!!!! I'll get my chance this weekend when Mom, Luke and U. Stan come to visit! No Gram (so sad) but shes at home with AA who's recovering from a broken hip! She fell 2 days ago, broke it in 2 places and now has some rods holding her together! We're all hoping and praying she'll make a grand recovery and will be able to go back home with Gram soon!

I'll keep ya posted on what we did with some pictures of course!!


Canyon Creek pictures

Ok so I have finally gotten around to adding these! It's so georgous up there! I can't wait till spring hits again to go back! As you can see the boys had a great time! And the pups didnt' seem to mind so much either!