Redwood Rodeo

love Rodeo's! Makes me want to ride horses again!
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves... we had a blast! I


Cute neighbor kids part II

We have so many cute kiddos in our neighborhood! We are definitely the odd ones out and get asked all the time when we will have one!
Any who.... I went to the park with most of the Hollopeter's (Jasen was underway) we had a blast following Taylor up and down all the trails! Here are a few shots of Taylor and Abbey! Amy wouldn't let me take any of her!

These 2 are constantly moving! Man was it hard to get shots in!


Two cute kiddos!

Last weekend we watched 2 of the neighbor kiddos!

On Saturday I took Kathryn for a few hours so Elaine could watch David's baseball game. We had a great time! She LOVED the hammock swing! When she saw Elaine coming down the street she told me "that's not my mom, I don't know who that is.... I don't have to go home"!

Kathryn insisted that the dogs were very hungry, and filled any bowl she could find overflowing with kibble! Hanna was thrilled... can you tell!
Ned loved her cause she gave him lots and lots of biscuits! And as you can see, she was too busy working to look at me in any of the pictures! Friday night Kim and Derrick went out to dinner and a movie for their anniversary. Kaydee also just loved the hammock swing! Alex was there to share in the fun too! He had a blast swinging with her!

While Kathryn liked to swing high, but not spin, Kaydee wanted to do it all! I'm really surprised that she didn't get sick! I could only do one round of spinning and I was done!



This weekend was beautiful! It was sunny and warm and Alex had duty... figures right! So we planned to head out to the river when he got home on Sunday. But Sunday was crappy! On his afternoon flight he flew over the river we wanted to hit and said it was still covered in fog/clouds and that he didn't want to go. So after going over some other options we decided to drive up and over Neeland Mountain and see what the trail down to this good camping/swimming hole looked like this year. We went here the other year with some friends, and the trail down is quite rough. But we made it down just fine and found that the rope swing was still there! The sun was out and it was nice! The water wasn't even that cold (you have to cross through the river to get to the good spot). So we stayed for about an hour, playing with the pups and having a snack and then made our way back home stopping along the way to check out some fields! I want to move out to the top of Neeland! It's always so quiet and peaceful! We joked that if we ever get stationed here again we'll buy a house up there along with a plane and then Alex can fly from the small mt top airport down into work every day! Since I didn’t actually get my camera out till the ride home here are just a few shots...
Daredevil Ned was making me nervous at the edge of the cliff!
Way across the ridge you could see this huge area of purple wildflowers!

We also watched 2 of the neighbor munchkins over the weekend and will have some cutie patootie pictures of them up soon!


The Wetting down and a bounce house!

We threw Alex's wetting down party this past Saturday! It was a blast, but unfortunately I got so wrapped up that I forgot to get my camera out! We had lots of good food! BBQ pork, shish-kebobs, grilled salmon, bean salad, macaroni salad, corn on the cob, bruchetta, chips and lots of different dips, and I can't leave out the desserts! Mini pecan and key lime pies and cupcakes! YUM YUM! We rented a bounce house for the kidos (even though I spent most of the time in there with them!) That was a blast! They had so much fun! And boy oh boy is that ever a work out! The guys entertained themselves with a few rounds of croquet and some Frisbee golf! Good food, good company, good fun! What more could you ask for! OH... yea pictures! LOL!

We actually had 3 parties this weekend. Friday as a Hail and Farewell... it ended up just being a farewell! But it was a great time! Pirate themed, with a Capt Kangaroo Court, and plenty of Roasts for all those leaving this transfer season! We're loosing like 1/2 the wardroom!

Then on Sunday we had out last soccer game. We had planned to have a BBQ with the whole team, but unfortunately only 5 of us were able to make it to the game! (Thankfully there were some guys from some other teams that stepped up to play with us so we were actually able to get a game in!) We ended up ordering a few pizzas and finishing some of the left over food with the five of us, as well as some other neighbors for some added fun! Alex took a dip in the hot tub with Steven and Madison and then I went over to have a chat with the new Capt and his wife! They both seem really nice! We have the change of command tomorrow! It will be interesting to see what he's like once he gets into the swing of things up here! It's a pretty big transfer season, so on top of a new Capt... We’ll have lots of other new faces around!

This weekend probably won't be as exciting as last... but we'll see what we can come up with!