Tongue Tied?

Although not very prominent- Aidan was slightly tongue tied. So far all it has affected is his eating- which at this stage in the game is a lot, considering thats what he does the majority of the day! He was making sure he was getting enough food- eating much more frequently, and with some serious pain & discomfort on my part!!
We saw the doctor this evening and he did the procedure right there in the office. It's a quick & painless snip- he cried only because his mouth was being held open & his tongue held out.
We will see a speech specialist to work on exercises to get him used to using his tongue right & hopefully will have no issues with it in the future!


I'm a growing boy!

Aidan had a doctors appointment today! He is 9lb 7oz & 22 inches long! He grew a whole inch & almost a full pound from his birth weight! Everything else looked good & we'll go back the end of July for his 2 month shots (a little before he's actually 2 months old but we'll be on the road then)


Some pictures from this past week...

Catch up...

It's a lot harder to get time to get on-line now that all my help is gone & Alex is back at work! But we just got the new laptop so hopefully that'll help.

Mom & Gram's visit was really great! It was so nice to have them here- not only did they get to meet Aidan but they made all our meals, helped clean the house & pack up some stuff for the move! We also managed to get a day out in Victorian Ferndale, a drive through some redwoods & along the ocean/cliffs for Gram!


4 generations

Ned vs. the Raccoon

Last night Ned got himself into a scuffle with what we believe was a raccoon! He's got a good number of scratches & puncture wounds- but nothing too serious. We made sure he got his rabies booster & he's on antibiotics. So we hope he'll bounce back to his devilish self soon but he's currently pretty sore!

mom & Gram visit

A few pictures from Mom & Grams visit...

dog or jackrabbit?

I finally had my camera with me to get Nd on video. He loves to chase sticks in the tall grass!


Look what happened while we were busy having Aidan...
All my veggies grew!


A few pictures from Aidan's first week

Our first week home went really well. For as new and crazy as it is to have a baby- it all seems really normal at the same time! here are a few pictures from our first week home...
on the way home from the hospitalfirst bathour first walk