Unexpected stay in San Francisco

So the original plan was to drive down to the SF airport, pick Gina up, do some shopping and then head home for the week. Well I got to the airport, picked her up and we went shopping! It all worked out right?.... not so much! On our way out of the city my car decided it did not want to go to Eureka that day. My ABS light came on so I pulled over, turned my car off (hoping it would reset) and got some directions (damn city streets). Go to start my car and nothing, zilch, nada.... it was like I was trying to use a plastic key or something. So thankfully Alex had not left for his flight yet (he's on duty) and he talks me through some things to check out. Still nothing. A very nice non-english speaking guy stopped to see if I need help. He checked all the things I just checked and then asked for a metal rod. A WHAT?! yes he wanted a metal rod (I'm starting to get scared now) He then proceeds to hit my starter- well I found out later it was the starter, he couldn't quite convey what he was doing to in the beginning. Unfortunately this did not work either, but now the engine was clicking, and at least trying to start. So I thank him and get on the phone with AAA. I get through the whole rig-a-morol with the lady and as she is making sure she got all the info right Gina decides to check just one more time to see if it will start. IT DOES! we were shocked, it just started right up! So the lady giggles cause we're so excited and I get off the phone and we head home! Now of course this can't be the end of the story right?! Nope! We get about 4 blocks away and I slowly start to loose power, I have no acceleration! I am able to coast across the road and park on the side. (OH I forgot to add that when I pulled over the first time I was not fully in a spot- i hadn't planned to be there for more then a few mins- well some guy pulled up and "parked to feel" behind me and hit my car while we were in it! Freaked us out- but he didn't seem to mind, or acknowledge us at all really! And my car is fine he didn't hit it hard enough to do any damage) anywho.... so we're now in front of city hall and its 4:30pm. I call AAA back up and let them know that I will in fact need that tow truck! I give Bobby a call since at this point I figure we'll be in town for a little while. He thinks it sounds like my alternator and that he can fix it for me. So the tow truck brings me to the garage and Bobby meets us there- he takes one look at just where my alternator is located and decides there is NO WAY he'd be able to get at that! At least not without a lift, few more guys, and more then an hour or 2! So we go out to dinner (cheesecake factory at the top of Macy's in Union Square!! good food and good view!) Then we check into a hotel, say goodbye to Bobby and spend the next day bumming around Fisherman's Wharf and Union Square waiting for my car and Alex to get there! So after walking all over town, we get the call that my car will be ready by 5! So after wrestling with the bus schedule we decide to walk all the way to the garage... it took us an hour! Thankfully we happened to choose one of the flattest streets in SF! After all the hills we did during the day we did not want any more!! So we get my car head back to the hotel and wait for Alex! We tooled around the city some more, checked out Golden Gate Park, met up with Jasen and the guys from the Baracuda for some drinks and had a great time all around! Friday comes and we head over to Treasure Island to watch the fireworks from the Baracuda (Thanks Jasen!)- which you'll hear about in another post because I'm at my max with pics in this one!

We ended up having a GREAT time!!! Here are some pictures of our adventures!

phew... that was a long post!


some of our yard

**YEA blogger finally let me post pictures!**

Our newly painted/sided/ and windowed house!

Here are some pictures I took last month of some of the flowers in the yard. by now most of the ones that were in bloom have died, but they were replaced with a lot more new blooms!

Van Duzen

The other week we decided to drive down to the river for the afternoon. The weather wasn't as warm as we were hoping for... but most certainly warmer then Eureka was! So we set up some blankets and snacks and just soaked up the sun! Alex actually braved the water! He said that although it was pretty cold... you got used to it quickly. It was definitely NOT warm enough to get my booty in there! So I stayed up on the beach and watched!!


can't upload

I have a few posts to catch up on but.... Blogger is having issues loading my pictures! UGH! I leave tonight for LA for the week and Charlottes wedding!!! So I'll catch up with that and everything else when I get back!