Sunday night we took the pups out for a sunset paddle. We hadn't gotten much time to run them throughout the weekend and swimming most certainly tires them out! the current was really strong so we tried to keep them to the side so they wouldn't be swept out into the bay! There were a family of sea lions (or seals... we're never sure) lounging on the far shore and when we got too close they all started making their way into the water! It was kind of freaky at first because they were between us and the sun so it was really hard to see them- it looked and sounded like a heard was running into the water.... but because they were so low and with the sun I couldn't actually see them right! Weird! Ned didn't get to chase any because of the current..... but he still had a good time!

It must have been a good feeding time because the pelicans were dive-bombing the water for fish! It was the coolest thing! of course I'd sit and watch them fly around with my camera ready and just when I'd put it down to keep myself from drifting too far they'd dive in.... so I missed all the shots of them! I swear both them and the seals are camera shy! The seals will look at you the whole time till you go to click a picture... then they dive under and your left with a big splash of water!

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