C&B do a drive by

Charlotte and Brendan are moving from LA to NJ! They were taking a long cross country vacation to get there and stopped in to see us on the way! It was just one overnight stay.... but it was great to see them!


Gina & Matt do Humboldt

Gina & Matt came out to visit back at the end of August! It was a short visit- but we had a lot of fun!

did the obligatory drive through the redwoods- always fabulous!
Alex had duty Friday night so we drove up to check out the helo... an of course the night vision goggles!
I made some cupcakes!
Played with Mr. Ned!
Saturday we headed inland to swim in the river and soak up some sun! Ned still had his stitches so the pups had to stay home. Alex was happy he had some rope swing buddies!
Sunday we rented some whitewater kayaks and headed to Willow Creek to raft some rapids!
We had a great visit and can't wait to see them again over Christmas!

Alex's Ferry Flight

Alex had to ferry one of the helicopters to Traverse City the other month. They ended up getting stuck in Greybull, WY for quite a while- but eventually made it there and back safely- and had a blast in the process! I'll see if I can get him to update this soon with more info but for now here are some pictures...

another amazing sunset....