The Furminator!

Amy and Jasen let us use a fantastic brush! It's called the furminator for a reason! This is only part of the pile of hair we pulled off her! Crazy!


Viva Las Vegas!

Happy bachelor(ette) party Brenden and Charlotte! We had a blast in Vegas! It was so great to see everyone and hang out! Alex learned how to play craps and did pretty good at it too!! We went to see Mystre- a cirque de sole show! and just tooled around Vegas in general! The pictures tell it better!


There's a monster in that bush!

Ned found a new place to soak up the sun... the compost pile!
He's just so darn cute!


I want one!!

Another fantastic sunny day today! We took the pups out to the mouth of the Mad River!

There was a large group of sea lions just on the other side! They are so fun to watch because they are so interested in the dogs! They swim around and pop their heads out checking them out! This time they mostly stayed on the beach soaking up all the sun, but last time Ned got a run for his money! They were all out swimming around and of course Ned had to go see what they were all about! So he goes trucking out there swimming upstream trying to catch them! They were just as interested in him and got pretty close too!

Today there was a new born baby that was hanging out on the beach waiting for momma to bring back some goodies! It was SO stinking cute- all fuzzy and fluffy!

I want one! lol!

my tush is sore

The weather was SO fantastic this weekend that we took the mountain bikes up to Trinidad state park and hit the trails! Some sections were a little steeper then I care for.... but once you see the views its all worth it!

another day at the beach!

I grabbed Mayday earlier this week and took all 3 of the monsters to the beach! They had a blast.... as usual of course!


Spring blooming...

We're starting to bloom all over the yard!
Our artichoke plant
massive calla lilly's

The Front barrel
I can't wait for it get warmer and we get more flowers!