Ski, Skiing, skud...

We have had 2 jam packed weekend of skiing in a row!! I however will vote for the 2nd trip! Who wouldn't it involved SHOPPING! haha!
First we went up to Shasta... unfortunately just for the day.... so that involved waking up at 4am so that we could get on the road and cross the mountains to be there for a full day of skiing... well at least till 4 since we still had to drive home! It was 60 degrees.... 60! in February! We were not expecting spring skiing! It was packed and the snow was heavy, but we were skiing! HAHA! We drove out there with some friends Mike and Matt, and we all had a great time! The town of McCloud at the base was just hammered with snow (i guess the mountain was as well) check out those pictures... the snow was WAY over our heads!!! It was so cool! There were a ton of houses that you could barely see because the snow slid off the roofs and met the snow on the ground and totally covered the whole house!

This past weekend we drove up to Ashland/Medford area!! It was alot of fun! Ashland has a super cute downtown area, we also ventured off to some of the outlying towns. The one was totally decked out for Chinese New Year! I've never seen a town decorate for it before! Hell if my didn't work involve China and Thailand I probably would have no idea it was going on! Alex even got to try out a segway! Anywho... we also went shopping- in a real mall! Alex was a champ! He barely complained! haha! The skiing was good as well! It was warm... but not too warm! I wasn't a fan of the mountain at first... but it grew on me!

Unfortunately it was a miracle for Alex to get 2 weekends with no duty in a row- especially since one of them was a holiday weekend! So I'm not sure if we will be having any more weekend getaways... till Vegas that is! We'll see what we can work out though!


goodbye January

Man January just FLEW by!

Only 2 things really happened that are worth writing about- and they both involve snow! First, it snowed in EUREKA! Of course we’ve only been here 2 years… Locals say that we get hail here about every winter, but it hasn’t actually snowed in Eureka for YEARS!! Alex got to spend a week skiing in Tahoe! The lucky bastard! He actually brought the snow back with him… the day he came back is when it snowed here! He had met up with John and his girl Katrina at the CG station A-frame condos. Bobby and another guy from San Fran met up with them later in the week for some weekend skiing! Boy the snow gods were sure looking down on them! They got fresh powder every day and just had a blast! Thankfully (I think at least) Katrina was there to pull back on those wild reigns these boys have! She kept them balanced between backcountry/trees and regular groomed slopes! Alex was sore enough when he got back who knows how bad he would have been if it was just the boys tearing it up out there!

You are now looking at (or reading about) the new Humboldt Bay CG ombudsman! The Capt asked me to lunch early this month to ask if I would be willing to take on this duty since the old ombudsman is transferring out this year! I was reluctant at first…. this is our first duty station; we are relatively new to the guard (when you don’t count the academy); I work full time… etc. But he assured me that I will be fine and it’ll be a good time! I’m very excited and nervous starting this! I will get to know a lot of people as well as a lot of resources the CG offers! I’ll let you know how it’s going in the next few months!

Other then that I’ve been busy at work as well as planning Charlotte’s bridal shower and plans for our big Vegas party! The siding project in housing is going pretty smoothly…not sure how long (when all this rain stops) it will be till we get the outside painted! But at least they’ve got the inside done! The neighborhood is starting to look really good!

Ok I will leave you with a few of Alex’s pictures from Tahoe! Hope all is well!