Nevada side of Tahoe

This past weekend we got to go back to Tahoe! Twice in about a months time!- Nice! This time, however, we were on the Nevada side- in Incline Village! Charlotte's boss owns a house there and let us use it for the weekend! It was fabulous! and it was really great to get to see C & B again (and Matt too!)
Alex and I left Thursday night and stopped at Bobby's place in San Fran. Went out with him and Steve for some awesome sushi! Then got up early (although I was not ready as early as Alex would have liked!... oops) to drive out and get some skiing in before we met up with everyone! We went to Alpine Meadow's and the view of the Lake from the top was awesome!

We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out- having some drinks- and making good food! Saturday was beautiful so we headed up to Mt Rose and did some snow-shoeing!These airplane seats were in our room! Stuart like planes!Diego ready to brave the rain.... or stay in my jeep and not come out! LOLThe drive home took us 10 hours!! it decided to switch from rain in the AM to snow about the time we were ready to get in the car- which made for a very packed, very busy, very slow drive through Donner Pass! It rained on us for just about the rest of the drive as well.... not fun!Thanks again guys for an awesome weekend!


an update on Mr Ned!

I never followed up with Ned's leg... After his first vet visit they said that they did not think he tore any ligaments- only strained them. He was given an anti-inflammatory and we were told to keep him to only short leashed walks for a few weeks. I went back a few weeks later for a follow up and was given the go ahead to ease him back into exercise! after a few more days of taking it slow Alex brought them to the beach. Well apparently it was too soon, because I came home from work that day to find a 3-legged dog! He couldn't put any weight on his leg! I thought for sure that he had injured it worse and would need surgery. By the next day he was back to being able to use it and we noticed over the weekend that when he first wakes up in the morning and any time after running around he favors it.

So we made another vet apt yesterday and they took Xrays and checked everything out. Doc says it is not torn-and Ned is in better shape then most dogs he sees (he saw no imperfections in the spine or in his hip or knee joints) They gave us a few more weeks of the ani-inflammetory and it looks like we'll just have to keep the excercise to a minimum for the enxt month or 2!

Too much snow!

Did you ever think you'd hear Alex say THAT! Well he didn't either! But this past weekend there was too much snow! We drove over to Mt Shasta with a few friends for some skiing. There was a lot of snow! It dumped 2 feet Friday night snowed all day Saturday- Dumped another 3 feet Saturday night and was still snowing all day Sunday (they actually got another foot and a half Sunday night too- but we were already home because I didn't have off on Monday)Skiing Saturday was great! Lots of soft fluffy powder! The boys had a blast tearing through the trees dong somersaults down the mountain! I did a few runs with them and then headed over to the other side of the mountain with one of the guys who was still getting the hang of his snowboard! Sunday was a totally different story with about 5 feet of fresh snow! We were about an hour or so late getting up to the mountain because of some folks who did NOT know how to handle driving in snow! No accidents or anything- they just blocked the driveway out of the hotel all morning! It ended up not mattering to much.... because of all the snow so quickly they were having some power problems that affected the lifts and it took a while for them to figure everything out.
Once they opened up the lifts we took a run down an almost untouched slope! Boy was that an experience for me! I'm still learning to ski in powder (I'm used to the east coast) and it was just so deep! Everywhere you looked there were people trying to dig themselves out or digging to find their skis! There was basically no base! At least not one that you could find- Poles were of no help to get you standing back up- they just sunk in and never hit the bottom!The pups loved romping around in the snow! And Hanna, the crazy dog that she is, was happy just curling up in a big pile of snow!Ned looked pitiful on the way home so I caved and let him come up front on my lap for a little! Once we switched drivers, though, he didn't last too long on Alex's! He is a little big to be a lap dog.... but he begs to differ!
that was our fun adventure filled ski weekend.... next weekend... it's off to Tahoe again!



Driving home from work yesterday I saw this awesome rainbow! Although I was not able to find the bottom of it.... I did see it in front of some trees- and that's closer to the ground then I've ever seen one!


Alex has been wanting to make our own sushi at home for a while now. We bought the , seaweed wraps, rice wine, bamboo rollers, wasabi, and even some neat hand made chop sticks from the blacksmiths shop! But just never got around to making any. The other day we picked up some fresh salmon for dinner- and Alex decided to try his hand at a roll! it was a bit messy... but tasty! I'm sure we'll be making some more soon!Alex said I should have waited to take pictures until he got the presentation nice... but then started eating! So I took pictures on our messy counter anyway!

Trying out the soft top!

This past weekend it was really nice and sunny- but they were forecasting that it get cold and rainy this week (they were right!) Alex wanted to take this chance to get the soft top out of the box and put it on to see how easily it went on, make sure everything was there- and also to see how it did in the rain and cold- check for leaks and such! It wasn't too hard to get on- but the last window sure did give us issues! We're going to take it back off tonight before we head up to Mt Shasta for some skiing this weekend!


Whats with the weather!?!

Yesterday it was blue skys sunny and 70 degrees!!!
And today it was foggy cold and 50 degrees!No wonder everyone is sick around here!