Thanksgiving in San Diego

For Thanksgiving Alex & I drove ALL the way down to San Diego to spend the holiday with John, Trine, Bobby & Shelly! It was a long drive, but well worth it! We had a great time getting see them all again! John and Trine have 3 dogs, so with our 2 mutts we had 5 hairy monsters running around the house! Hanna as usual was a bit of a grump at times- but overall they all got along great! Here they all are at the beach!
One of the guys John works with came over on Thanksgiving day with his famly (and another dog!) for dinner! We definitely had a full house! After dinner to digest all that great food we took a walk up the hill to check out the crazy display of Christmas lights! Every house on this block was decked out! It was fantastic!Instead of hitting the stores on Black Friday we decided to hit the zoo instead! It deffinitly was packed, but overall you didn't notice it too much- only in the real "big-ticket" confined areas like the polar bears or Gorillas.Here are the pups at another dog park- its this huge open field, well technically an island, that is totally dog friendly- we did a 2 mile loop or so and let them run around and play in the water.They were pretty tuckerd out and lounged around on the "dog-ottoman" All but Hanna of course! She would only get up there if she was by herself, or if it was only Ned or Emma up there with her.Ned LOVEd this purple bone! On Saturday we walked around Balboa park- before the rain drove us away! YES it actually rained in SD- John said we have to come visit more often and bring the rain! We then went back to the house and had some fantastic turkey day leftovers for lunch! Alex & I then packed up and hit the road in hopes that we wouldn't hit too much LA traffic! Surprisingly enough we didnt' hit ANY! It was Fantastic- and thanks Bobby for the reccomendation on which roads to take!Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!


I know I know... it's been months! There's been a lot going on, but at the same time nothing at all! We haven't really done much "blog-worthy" adventures but I promise I'll be better in the future!

my office makeover

A few months ago we made some office moves at work. I actually got really lucky and was moved into a bigger office with 2 large windows. There was this extra window that looks into the next room- but that room is full of bookshelves so my view was of plywood. After much deliberation I picked one of my photos to blow up and put in as our "scenery"!