just playing...

his hat finally fits!

Sock monster!

Laundry helper!

tunnel fun

a little after dinner reading

notice the bug bites on his head... he's a magnet!

Loves throwing stones

bounce bounce bounce

Aidan LOVES open gym at the local gymnastics academy! I'm not sure he's ready for a structured class just yet- but maybe by the spring!


A recap of July & August

July & August in some ways went by very quickly- but in others took forever! Alex was gone for most of both months which made them seem to go in slow motion. But we did manage to pack in a lot of fun stuff to help it along. We found a great park, went to a farm , the beach & had a bunch of play dates to name a few! The end of August brought Alex back home & also a trip to upstate NY for the Mack twins Baptism. We made a mini vacation out of it stopping in to see Aunt Alice & Uncle Steve, meeting John & his wife for lunch (a roommate of Alex's from the Naval Academy), a surprise visit to see GG (my grandmother) & Uncle Stanley, a hike in Rickets Glen & then finally a stop in at Grandma Joy's before we picked the dogs back up & headed home!

We finished off August with hurricane Irene- as most of the east coast did! Thankfully we did not have any damage here at the house, we didn't even loose power throughout the storm (although we did for a short while on Sunday while they were cleaning up some down trees in the area)


Diaper giveaways!

So- Thirsties is doing giveaways every Thursday!! There have been some amazing giveaways so far! Free is always good!