Ned had an appointment this past Saturday for some follow up surgery on his knee. He still was not putting full pressure on it and the vet wanted to take out the implants since his knee has healed around them and they are no longer needed to hold it all together. He thinks that they were irritating it and now "hopefully" he'll be all better!

I got into Whiskeytown Lake just in time for sunset!
It took me a while to find an open campsite and it was dark by the time I got there. So this is what I found when I woke up. I ended up being in a completely empty campground with some construction equipment.... I think it may have actually been closed! After I dropped Ned off at the Vet Hanna and I went over to hang out at the lake! She was in HEAVEN! she got to dig for rocks, swim and just generally be lazy in the water! I had my floaty and beach chair and was perfectly happy lying around reading a book in the sun!It was HOT! on the ride home! I drove out there in the evening and it was still hot then- but man that sun is intense! Also- notice all the dust all over the inside and outside of the car! I drove around to the back side of the lake so I could take Hanna in with out any "no dog" rules or anything- and they were all dirt roads! I sure learned my lesson for dirt roads and having the top off the jeep! I spent most of the day Sunday detailing the car!I has some pretty tuckered out pups on the way home! The vet said Ned would be a little loopy and out of it for the rest of the day and Hanna had a hard day swimming!


Orick beach

From flying over Alex had seen access out to the beach up in Orick- so we took a drive out past all the cow fields to check it out. It was beautiful- like the rest of the coastline up here. But I don't think it's worth the 45 min drive up there for it! The current was super strong coming out of the river- Ned had to swim pretty hard just to stay in the same spot and kept getting swept out to sea. Don't worry he's smart enough to swim to the side before he got out too far! It was good exercise for him though- he was tuckered out after that!


Rodeo time!

Pretty self explanatory.... we went to the Rodeo up in Orick....

The mutten busting (kids riding sheep) is hystarical!

then on to the big boys....

5 finger shoes and some trail mix

Aren't these just the ugliest things you've ever seen? Alex wanted to get a pair... I thanked my lucky stars that there was a really good chance that no one in Eureka would be carrying them! Unfortunately for me (well I guess not really) we went to San Fran the other weekend and we just happened in a store that had them. He tried them on but they didn't fit right- hurt his toes (go figure!) So I don't have to worry about him owning these ugly shoes- if you can even call them that! Alex has a history of ugly shoes in our neighborhood.... Ned ate his crocs but he insisted on still wearing them.... so all the neighbors made fun of him! I feel it's my duty to save the neighborhood from any more ugly shoes! (I had already replaced his crocs)
Alex made trial mix! lots of it! the only thing big enough to hold it was my 6 quart trifle dish! It was yummy though!

fire pit!

We've actually used our firepit 2wice in the last week or so! I'm so proud! We always talk about using it...but its usually while we're out and about enjoying a Saturday or Sunday. So by the time we get home and have dinner we crash out and don't make it outside. New neighbors and summertime makes for great excuses to have a fire! Ned loves playing with Justice (our neighbors little puppy) He's real gentile with her- but in a few months she'll be as big as he is and they can really wrestle!