More big belly parties!

I've had a total of 4 baby showers... it's crazy! Here are some pictures from work and the one some of the girls from work threw.... I don't have any pictures yet of the coast guard one.


John & Trine's wedding weekend

We had a fantastic time down in San Diego for John & Trine's wedding! There was everything from road trips, skiing, spa's, bars, jumper cables, good food, hanging at the beach- and of course... the wedding!
The boys stole John and drove up to Mammoth for a day of skiing... They spent more time in the car then on the snow- but it was worth it!
Although we were in sunny San Diego- the beach day was a bit breezy and cool. Here is Alex trying to catch up on the missed sleep from the road trip!The Ceremony- on the Beautiful SunSet Cliffs!Blowing up all the balloons on the way to the receptionDespite how small this car may look... you can fit a TON of balloons in there!


We've got...

Looking forward to warm, sunny beaches