Moving up in the world!

We bought a new couch!
A fantastic new leather couch, an extra deep feather down leather couch! It's super comfy! And here's our how we rearranged our living room with it!We also got this curio cabinet at a local furniture store that is going out of business

Another day at the beach

Took the pups up to the Mad River today, the weather was fantastic! And Ned got to play with some sew lions, it's so funny to watch them- they actually interact and play with him!


Big rig on the road!

Well even if I was crazy for driving all the way up there- it had a good outcome! Here is our new car! A black 4-door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon! It was a LONG drive, but we got a really great deal! The drive home was pretty foggy for a good portion- but we got back into Humboldt just in time to see a fantastic sunset!


I think I'm crazy

Alex is up in Astoria OR for training. While he was up there he's been talking to some of the jeep dealers. He asked me last night if I would drive up there this weekend to get a new jeep!

So, I must be crazy, but I'm leaving after work today with the 2 pups in my car; and will be coming home on Sunday with Alex and a new car! (Of course we'll bring the pups home with us too!)

So if anyone has some down time tonight (quite late east coast time) give me a call- cause it's a LONG dive up there from Humboldt!


We had a Cow Town experience

Last Friday I took a half day at work to hang out with Alex a bit before he left again this week. He had some work stuff to do in Ferndale so I went along and then we took the pups out to this beach that we had never been to. We heard it was a great spot to launch the kayaks so we wanted to check it out. Upon arrival we found cows.... lots of cows... everywhere! The road we drove in on was lined with cow pastures and then at the end the fences stopped and the cows were free to roam on the beach! It was really cool and kind of freaky to be up close and personal with so many cows! We opted to keep Ned on a leash at first- the last thing we need is for him to get kicked! About 2 minutes after we were out of the car we had the attention of a momma with her 6 or so calves and her bull! When I saw her coming at us with definite purpose I found a nice high log to perch myself on to take pictures! Little did I know that her purpose was to check out Alex and the pups! This was no- I'll just trot on by and check them out deal either! I think she wanted them to come home with her! She kept following them around, Alex couldn't get away... I was happy up on my log! The momma cow almost went swimming with Hanna- until Hanna freaked out and came back to shore! It was a really neat- really crazy experience! The pictures don't really capture her determination... but you get the idea!
After the momma had her fill we headed off in separate directions- her probably to go get dinner and us to walk the beach, play with pups, and check out some sea lions! It was gorgeous! The clouds were perfect, the light was perfect, and the water was still! It was one fantastic day!

After the pups had a good run it was time to head home. The sky had the makings for an awesome sunset! So I convinced Alex to wait around to see what paned out! And it turned out to be a fantastic sunset! A real dark red reflecting off all the clouds! It was beautiful!

I had a ladies night out function that night in Ferndale and since we stayed for sunset I no longer had time to get home have dinner and back to Ferndale in time. So we hung around town and got some dinner at a local restaurant. It was a great day! I want to skip out on work more often!



Here are a few pictures I got of our neighbors going around trick or treating!

Coast Guard Haunted House

Here are some pictures I got from the Coast Guard Haunted Barn that we put on each year! It's a huge event and this year was no exception! We made a ton of money for Morale and had a blast doing it! Everyone we talked to said we scared the crap out of them!