veggie garden

Since we're leaving this summer we decided to do our veggies in pots/barrels mostly this year so we could re-seed the back yard in preparation to move. Here's what we've got growing...

Sugar Snap peas & Broccoli Lettuce (and part of our Lemon tree)Snow peas, Pole Beans & some more Broccoli I also had a cucumber plant when we started- but it disappeared... totally gone, no sign of Ned mischief or animals eating it! It was the weirdest thing!

baby corners

With all the packing of the house that is going on there is no room (or point) to set up a real nursery. So we have 2 corners of the house dedicated to baby... downstairs we have the swing, bouncer, playpen & changing station. And upstairs we have another changing station and the travel bassinet, we've also cleared out 1/2 of the drawers in the dresser for baby cloths, blankets & such!Now that we've got the house set- we're just waiting for the dealership to order the correct part so I can have a backseat to the car! (kind of important!) and of course the arrival of the little one!

Weber Wedding

This past weekend we drove up to Crescent City for a friends wedding. Chris & Alex were in the same CGA class and Chris was stationed up there the other year (where he met Nicole). Alex was able to catch up with some other academy guys he hasn't seen since graduation. It was nice to be able to go- since I'm not allowed to travel very far at this point! (it's a little over an hour north) It was a quick trip- but we got a hike in with the pups, the wedding and was back home early enough on Sunday to get a lot of things done around the house!


CG Ball

We had the CG ball again this year- and although Alex was not back in time to go with me, I went anyway! We had a good time- and big belly and all it was nice to get dressed up!


Maria's Visit

Maria came to stay with me for a week while Alex was gone. It was great to hang out- we see each other so infrequently living on opposite coasts! (hopefully that will change here soon!)

Although we did a lot more then just the beach and the redwoods... that seems to be the only thing we got pictures of! With all of her layers at the beach it makes it look like winter out here... but she's just a FL baby- it wasn't that cold! LOL!