just playing...

his hat finally fits!

Sock monster!

Laundry helper!

tunnel fun

a little after dinner reading

notice the bug bites on his head... he's a magnet!

Loves throwing stones

bounce bounce bounce

Aidan LOVES open gym at the local gymnastics academy! I'm not sure he's ready for a structured class just yet- but maybe by the spring!


A recap of July & August

July & August in some ways went by very quickly- but in others took forever! Alex was gone for most of both months which made them seem to go in slow motion. But we did manage to pack in a lot of fun stuff to help it along. We found a great park, went to a farm , the beach & had a bunch of play dates to name a few! The end of August brought Alex back home & also a trip to upstate NY for the Mack twins Baptism. We made a mini vacation out of it stopping in to see Aunt Alice & Uncle Steve, meeting John & his wife for lunch (a roommate of Alex's from the Naval Academy), a surprise visit to see GG (my grandmother) & Uncle Stanley, a hike in Rickets Glen & then finally a stop in at Grandma Joy's before we picked the dogs back up & headed home!

We finished off August with hurricane Irene- as most of the east coast did! Thankfully we did not have any damage here at the house, we didn't even loose power throughout the storm (although we did for a short while on Sunday while they were cleaning up some down trees in the area)


Diaper giveaways!

So- Thirsties is doing giveaways every Thursday!! There have been some amazing giveaways so far! Free is always good!


Summer fun

Alex is stuck in DC for the better part of July & August- so I have been back and forth quite a bit between home and the grandparents houses. His new social schedule keeping us on our toes! Here are a few pictures of fun with the grandparents...
Aunt Gina even came in this weekend to play!

We've got a climber!

Aidan is taking after Alex & climbing on everything! He has figured out how to climb up on our big sofa, the bench that borders the back porch & our footstool, just about anything that is available! He loves to find boxes or turn over laundry baskets & stand on them like he is king of the world!

(thankfully he is very conscience of his surroundings & is pretty cautious when up on things. He handles stairs very well & don't have to worry too much of him falling head first off of whatever he's climbed up on!)

the garden

My garden is treating us well so far! The cucumber & zucchini are going crazy! Still waiting on the tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, broccoli & cauliflower though!

Mohawk maniac!

Aidan has had quite a few wild spurts recently. Although it is super fun to watch him having such a good time, it usually means he is overtired & things will not end well come bedtime! This is what happens to the house when he lets loose...

His hair is finally starting to fill in a little bit! It's getting long enough to spike up after a bath! He is also getting lots of curls coming in in the back! Can't wait till he has a nice thick head of curly hair!


Aidan loves that we have an apple tree in the back yard! The apples aren't very big & aren't near ripe, but he still tries to eat them anyway. He will almost always have at least one in his hands while tooling around the yard. The tree really needs to be pruned so the branches hang real low. Right at the perfect height for little fingers to grab! This is actually a good thing! Otherwise he'd be eating the rotten ones off the ground!

I don't have any pictures- but he also loves to munch on whole cucumbers fresh from the garden! I have to be sure to keep them out of his reach after I pick them or I end up with little bites out of most of them!


Swim Class!

Aidan started swim class tonight! He LOVES the water so we thought that he should learn the basics early! Alex is going to be gone the next few weeks so he got to do the first class while he was here! It was a lot of fun to see them enjoying class! Aidan was the only kid that didn't freak out, he was quite the opposite! Laughing and squealing the whole time!