Smithville is a cute little touristy spot with lots of shops & boutiques! We went this past weekend while waiting for Grammy & Poppy to get here! When I saw the sign for 'Smithville Zoo' I was very excited! Unfortunately it was just a toy shop (not that Aidan cared though!) They had a nice little pet shop with all its rhinestone studded collars & what-nots! But they had these 2 four week old kittens that they were giving away for free (they were even giving food, litter, litter box, and carrier!) These cats were SO cute and tiny that we were actually considering taking them with us! But thankfully reason won out and we decided that it would just be too much work, especially since Alex will be gone most of the next 2 months!

We did however ride the train and carousal! Although he kept a very serious face the whole ride, he LOVED the carousal! When it stopped he didn't want to get off & tried to make it keep going by bouncing up and down! He was getting really tired by the time we rode the train, and although he didn't throw a fit or anything, he didn't seem like he cared one way or the other about it.
Mom, Dad & Luke came down for the weekend. We had lots of yard work & dad brought his chainsaw! The holly tree, although a very nice tree, is GONE! No more prickly leaves all over the yard! And Aidan's poor little feet will finally be smooth again- even if they'll always be covered in dirt! Alex is also in the process of getting the sprinkler system back up and running. And by the looks of it it has not been used in years! Dad and Aidan had fun playing in the water!

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