best buddies!

My roomate from college has a little boy, Conor, who is 5 months old! I love being back on the East Coast to be able to see my friends & their kids!

Conor was Baptized the other weekend & we made the trip up to Staten Island for it! It was a nice, although full, ceremony. They Baptized 10 kids! That's a lot of babies! But everything went smoothly & they had a nice BBQ afterward. Aidan was addicted to the pool, but neither Alex or I had our suits so he had to settle for just dipping his toes (well I dipped a bit too far so he was wet up to his shorts!) The house it was as is definitely a grandma's house who has lots of grand kids! There were tons of toys & Aidan had a blast!

We can't wait till Conor is a bit bigger & can play too!

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