Tahoe take 2

We had a fantastic week in Tahoe! skiing, show shoeing, hiking with the pups & great company! What more could you ask for!
One day we loaded up and went snow shoeing! The pups had a BLAST!! and were tuckered out the whole next day still! Here they are anxiously waiting to be let out of the car!Even me and my big belly made it up the mountain at 9,000 ft no less!The views were great!But it was SO cold and windy the guys started to dig a shelter! Ned and Emma were just as cold and were in there helping!just about the time they were done they realized it was really only big enough for one person in each... and Trine & I had had enough and were ready to head down anyway.... While they were out skiing every day I took the menagerie of canine out for hikes. I found a great trail though the woods that they could explore where I wasn't too worried about running into other people!They had a great time wrestling with each other all week!and playing with snow balls!and most definitely curling up by the fire at night... as we all did!Drinks in the hot tub were standard practice in the evenings.... too bad I couldn't join in for either!There are a TON of skiing pictures... but I'm determined to get Alex more involved with this blog so I'm going to see if I can make him post them!

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