The start of our 2010 Tahoe adventures...

We started out the winter ski season with a 12 hour drive to Lake Tahoe. Now this drive is only supposed to take 7-8 hours, but we got stuck in some major traffic going through Donner Pass. Turned out that since they got so much snow dumped on them the week prior- EVERYONE was making the drive out there.
We spent the weekend with some Coastie friends from here that had been down there all week. It worked out well for me to get a weekend out of the house. Alex was going to be driving down to start his week with Bobby and the Wolfes and Richards were heading back on Sunday. So I kept Alex company on what turned out to be a ridiculous drive- and then hitched a ride with Val and Tyson on Sunday. Tyson made his own shot-ski for fun festivities!

The rest of the pictures are from Bobby & Alex... I'll see if I can get him to sit down and write about the week. But for now the pictures will have to do!

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