5 finger shoes and some trail mix

Aren't these just the ugliest things you've ever seen? Alex wanted to get a pair... I thanked my lucky stars that there was a really good chance that no one in Eureka would be carrying them! Unfortunately for me (well I guess not really) we went to San Fran the other weekend and we just happened in a store that had them. He tried them on but they didn't fit right- hurt his toes (go figure!) So I don't have to worry about him owning these ugly shoes- if you can even call them that! Alex has a history of ugly shoes in our neighborhood.... Ned ate his crocs but he insisted on still wearing them.... so all the neighbors made fun of him! I feel it's my duty to save the neighborhood from any more ugly shoes! (I had already replaced his crocs)
Alex made trial mix! lots of it! the only thing big enough to hold it was my 6 quart trifle dish! It was yummy though!

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