an update on Mr Ned!

I never followed up with Ned's leg... After his first vet visit they said that they did not think he tore any ligaments- only strained them. He was given an anti-inflammatory and we were told to keep him to only short leashed walks for a few weeks. I went back a few weeks later for a follow up and was given the go ahead to ease him back into exercise! after a few more days of taking it slow Alex brought them to the beach. Well apparently it was too soon, because I came home from work that day to find a 3-legged dog! He couldn't put any weight on his leg! I thought for sure that he had injured it worse and would need surgery. By the next day he was back to being able to use it and we noticed over the weekend that when he first wakes up in the morning and any time after running around he favors it.

So we made another vet apt yesterday and they took Xrays and checked everything out. Doc says it is not torn-and Ned is in better shape then most dogs he sees (he saw no imperfections in the spine or in his hip or knee joints) They gave us a few more weeks of the ani-inflammetory and it looks like we'll just have to keep the excercise to a minimum for the enxt month or 2!

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