Nevada side of Tahoe

This past weekend we got to go back to Tahoe! Twice in about a months time!- Nice! This time, however, we were on the Nevada side- in Incline Village! Charlotte's boss owns a house there and let us use it for the weekend! It was fabulous! and it was really great to get to see C & B again (and Matt too!)
Alex and I left Thursday night and stopped at Bobby's place in San Fran. Went out with him and Steve for some awesome sushi! Then got up early (although I was not ready as early as Alex would have liked!... oops) to drive out and get some skiing in before we met up with everyone! We went to Alpine Meadow's and the view of the Lake from the top was awesome!

We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out- having some drinks- and making good food! Saturday was beautiful so we headed up to Mt Rose and did some snow-shoeing!These airplane seats were in our room! Stuart like planes!Diego ready to brave the rain.... or stay in my jeep and not come out! LOLThe drive home took us 10 hours!! it decided to switch from rain in the AM to snow about the time we were ready to get in the car- which made for a very packed, very busy, very slow drive through Donner Pass! It rained on us for just about the rest of the drive as well.... not fun!Thanks again guys for an awesome weekend!

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