San Francisco treat

Original plans of being in San Fran for Christmas and then New Years didn't pan out... So we went this past weekend. It conveniently was the same time at the REI seconds sale so of course we went to that, and did some other shopping and browsing in Union Square! We had a great time hanging out with Bobby and Steve! We really have to get down there to see them more often (or they can come here hint hint). Ned and Hanna got to meet Steve pup Bronco too!

While out at the bar on Saturday night we got into a debate on which direction the "C" in YMCA goes (is it to your left or right) Bobby's friend Shelly was very adimant that it went to your right (so that it made a C for you and not ppl looking at you) Alex dissagreed (probably just for the sake of disagreeing.... but in the end we found out through majority vote of the bar and good ol' YouTube that it goes to the left so that it is a C for everyone else.On the way home I talked Alex into stopping at spot that we always talk about stopping at- but never do.... Maybe someday we'll get to all the rest of the cool spots we see! This one is The Solar Living Institute. It's all about renewable energy and sustainable Living. It was cool to see some of the stuff they had! They also had some unusual sculptures too...

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