Lake Tahoe

While Alex got to enjoy a whole week with John and Katrina in the A-frames- I went down Wednesday for the second half. And apparently I missed all the nice weather. But when your talking about skiing, it can be quite the range. The first part of the week was warm and sunny- spring skiing. Which is good on one hand- but leaves some pretty crappy snow to slide on down the mountain. The day I got down there they were calling for rain! GREAT! So it ended up raining at the base and snowing at the top and eventually turned into snow top and bottom. So now this makes for some nice snow to ski on- (well the snow does- the rain doesn't help- but if you stayed at the top half of the mountain you were safe- wet but in snow!) My first Squaw experience was cold, wet, windy and snowy! But I got my first taste of "Sierra Cement"! And on the very last day- some actual light fluffy powder!

And you can see by the red helmet clad dude below Bobby was also able to join us! He is still recovering from some major jaw surgery (hence the full face protective contraption) and was only able to make it down for the weekends. But it was great to have us all together! It's been a really long time! And even better that we now have another girl in the mix! Thanks Trine! Can't wait to get together again soon!

The new ski jacket I was going to order was out of stock in my size- so I was forced to wear my not-so-waterproof old one!
Of course they were calling for a lot of snowfall for the beginning of this week (the week we're NOT there!) and it had started on Saturday night/Sunday so the drive home over Donner Pass was SLOW! They were requiring chains on everything that wasn't 4-wheel with snow tires (thank goodness for that new jeep right!) so on top of things being tied up with people trying to get the chains on- they had the check point set up to make sure everyone was following the rules. There were a bunch of these guys out there to put your chains on for your (for the low low price of just $30!!) This guy was last in line- right near the check point- I'm guessing to catch all the last minute people realizing they really mean business about this stuff! He was cute and cooperated with my photo!I do love driving when everything is white! SO pretty!

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