4th of July onboard the USCGC Baracuda!

Our neighbor Jasen is the XO of the Baracuda! They were going to be in San Fran doing drills for the week and then taking care of security for the fireworks barge. He invited us out on the boat to watch the fireworks! We had a blast! We were 100ft from the barge! Now if it wasn't for the fog they would probably been the most fantastic ones I'd ever seen... but even with the fog they were pretty cool! ( I don't think anything will beat fireworks at Montage Mt- they set them off at the bottom in the baseball field and you can drive up the mt and they're right in front of your face!) OK back to this year! Jasen taught me and Gina how to drive the boat, and even let us take the controls for a bit!! It was neat to see the city from the water, and see Alcatraz in the fog! I enjoyed being up on the bridge watching and listening to them take care of all the boat traffic and the radio! It got even more intense once it got dark! And so confusing ,I couldn't tell what was a boat, or what direction they were going or anything, there was just a ton of little lights!

OK so here are some pictures from the night!

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