Two cute kiddos!

Last weekend we watched 2 of the neighbor kiddos!

On Saturday I took Kathryn for a few hours so Elaine could watch David's baseball game. We had a great time! She LOVED the hammock swing! When she saw Elaine coming down the street she told me "that's not my mom, I don't know who that is.... I don't have to go home"!

Kathryn insisted that the dogs were very hungry, and filled any bowl she could find overflowing with kibble! Hanna was thrilled... can you tell!
Ned loved her cause she gave him lots and lots of biscuits! And as you can see, she was too busy working to look at me in any of the pictures! Friday night Kim and Derrick went out to dinner and a movie for their anniversary. Kaydee also just loved the hammock swing! Alex was there to share in the fun too! He had a blast swinging with her!

While Kathryn liked to swing high, but not spin, Kaydee wanted to do it all! I'm really surprised that she didn't get sick! I could only do one round of spinning and I was done!

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