This weekend was beautiful! It was sunny and warm and Alex had duty... figures right! So we planned to head out to the river when he got home on Sunday. But Sunday was crappy! On his afternoon flight he flew over the river we wanted to hit and said it was still covered in fog/clouds and that he didn't want to go. So after going over some other options we decided to drive up and over Neeland Mountain and see what the trail down to this good camping/swimming hole looked like this year. We went here the other year with some friends, and the trail down is quite rough. But we made it down just fine and found that the rope swing was still there! The sun was out and it was nice! The water wasn't even that cold (you have to cross through the river to get to the good spot). So we stayed for about an hour, playing with the pups and having a snack and then made our way back home stopping along the way to check out some fields! I want to move out to the top of Neeland! It's always so quiet and peaceful! We joked that if we ever get stationed here again we'll buy a house up there along with a plane and then Alex can fly from the small mt top airport down into work every day! Since I didn’t actually get my camera out till the ride home here are just a few shots...
Daredevil Ned was making me nervous at the edge of the cliff!
Way across the ridge you could see this huge area of purple wildflowers!

We also watched 2 of the neighbor munchkins over the weekend and will have some cutie patootie pictures of them up soon!

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