Canoe Trip!!!

So with all the hot beautiful weather we've been having we decided to skip out of the CG yard sale (which made our neighborhood a madhouse) and take the boats out. We decided to try a different section of the Mad River that we had yet to be on that was around 5 miles or so long. I (alex) was abit nervous about taking our wood canoe down given the prospect of potential rapids but it faired fairly well with only some minor scratches. On the up side with all the heat the river still had a good bit of water on it (snow melt), and was even moderately warm considering. We also brought Ned's good friend Maddie with us as well. She wasn't quite sure what to do about the boats, and wanted to hop in right off the bat so she couldn't get run over. After a few pictures she was back in the water and joined our two monsters for the swim the rest of the way down. Aside from all the people at the different swimming holes, we ran into some turkey vultures, and a whole flock of ducks. By the time we finally closed into the end of the trip all three dogs were exhausted and needed a break, so we managed to fit them all in the boats for the final stretch. We ended with a run-in with a hot-air ballon; which oddly enough was the first one we've ever seen in humboldt county.

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