We went to the snow again!!

Although it was quite soggy out today we decided to drive up the mountain in hopes that all this crappy rain would turn into wonderful SNOW! And we were right! Horse Mountain was just covered!! We had our doubts at first if it was a good idea to drive to the top given how icy it already was... but geared with tire chains and a tow strap we trudged upward! We had no trouble getting up and had a great time! We had the Zappens pup Mayday with us- it was his first time in the snow and he just loved it! He was a natural! He also will follow Ned to the ends of the earth.. so anything Ned can do he can better! Alex had his telemark ski's and skins and I had some snow shoes! Good thing... the snow was just about up to my knees with out them. So Alex had fun hiking up the hill and skiing down. With nothing but my legs to bring me back down... I only hiked up once... which was enough for my sorry ass out of shape muscles anyway! LOL!! Now our decent down this mountain was anything but as easy as it was to get up it! It started not even 50 feet from leaving when Alex went to pull over for some crazy guy who was in some souped up truck doing doughnuts and driving over snow mounds. Now I'm looking over the pictures on the camera and... BAM! Wanting to get out of this guys way turned into us locking up the wheels and sliding into a snow mound! Thanks to family on their way home from sledding we got to make use of that tow strap!! After getting free we slowly started heading down! Apparently our 4 wheel drive was not enough because we start sliding again!! This time headed toward the edge!!!! yea insert Nell freaking out!! As Alex turns it away from the edge we start going sideways and then he realizes the cars stalled!! He starts it back up and recovers gracefully! We slide a bit around one more turn (nothing too terrible!) and slowly but surely make it down to the bottom!

We had a fabulous time!! Here are some pics and videos!

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