Our Chirstmas Tree!

So today we went on an adventure to find our Christmas tree! We drove up into the mountains with a few of our neighbors! It was super cold- but no snow- boo-hoo! Although I'm not sure snow would have made it easier to walk up those hills! Fantastic views though! Finally after hiking around for a few hours we found OUR tree! Once home we dove right into all our holiday decorating! We had a great time! Here are a few pics!

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The Miller's said...

Hey! Does your hubby know he just looks FULL of the Christmas spirit in the last picture? ha ha ha :)
WE got our tree up too!! And even better yet, we've been getting drenched with snow! B went out hiking/hunting with my dad today so I finished up some Christmas shopping...he's taking a nap but is gonna get up in a bit to watch a movie. I'm up because I'm staying on graveyard rotation....bleh. He said later he's gonna post about his week being "Mr Mom" while he was home and I had to work. The three of them had QUITE a week! :)
Take care!!