Christmas 2007

Well after sitting around the Eureka airport for a few hours we finally left- got rerouted through Dallas and made it home only about 3 hours later then our original plan. I'm not complaining because we were scheduled to go through Chicago- who had a ton of cancellations!

We had a FABULOUS few days (always wish it was more) at home! We spent Xmas eve with Joyce and then Xmas day with everyone at my parents! It was so nice to be home with everyone! And also SO SO glad that Anna made it through this Christmas! Although she was not quite herself... she was alot better then any of us hoped for I think!!

Here are a few pictures...

Oh and the pups also had a good time while we were gone! Jeff kept them quite busy! They (or should i say HE) did manage to eat my front blinds and curtains!!! but all in all its not bad! It could have been much worse! lol

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