New Camera!

YEA!!! I got my xmas present early! Alex got me a new compact digital camera! (So I can always take pictures but not have to lug the big one around all the time!) I am the new proud owner of the Cannon powershot SD750! I'm so excited to start using it!

AND!!!! I'll get my chance this weekend when Mom, Luke and U. Stan come to visit! No Gram (so sad) but shes at home with AA who's recovering from a broken hip! She fell 2 days ago, broke it in 2 places and now has some rods holding her together! We're all hoping and praying she'll make a grand recovery and will be able to go back home with Gram soon!

I'll keep ya posted on what we did with some pictures of course!!

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Gil Blas Velez said...

Hello Barkers! Good to hear from you please visit us when you can!
Gil & Maria