The came and they went!

We had quite the fun filled, packed, fast weekend! Mom, Luke and U.Stan enjoyed the visit! We did tons of stuff- and cramed it all into 3 days! We got our very own private demo from one of the CG helicopters as well as a tour, did the whole downtown thing, the redwood thing, the beach thing, the cliffs and rock thing, the nice dinner, the sandwich shop lunches, the list goes on and on! Mom however did NOT like the drive up from SF!! shes not the best on small dark curvy roads! But shes an even worse back seat driver and was constantly yelling at all of us for our driving! She let my uncle do the drive back down to the airport and said that she was going to need some valium to relax her muslces enough to go to sleep! haha!! Next time she says she's paying the extra to fly into Arcata! lol! here are some pics of our weekend!

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