Ok so my mom came across this site/organization a little while back... and it really is pretty cool! Its called igive and stores have signed up to give a percentage of your purchase when you buy on-line to an organization of your choice! The catch is that you have to access the particular website throught the igive website (www.igive.com) Which is not that hard at all... you just have to rembemer to add a step when you go to shop, tricky huh!?

I have signed up to send my donations to the Lowe Syndrome association because of Luke (for those of you who do not know, my brother has Lowes) It's super easy and free to sign up!

They are also running a promotion now called surfathon, which they will donate $1,000 each month to the top 5 organizations who have the most store visits! You don't have to buy anyhting... you just have to click on the store through the igive webite and its an enrty into the sweepstakes! http://www.igive.com/html/surfathon.cfm

So come on and sign up (for Lowes prefferably, lol) and start shopping online! It's the easiest way to donate some money thats not yours to a good cause, while you get to shop!!

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