I know that this is a bit old but I had fun and wanted to share...

Dad and Gina came out to visit for the 4th of July!

We had so much fun! It was so nice having visitors! (hint hint) We drove up and saw the redwoods, the wild elk, all the redwood shops, and of course the coastline! Dad's a sucker for trees so he really enjoyed it all! Since it was their first time to a CG station Alex gave them a lovely tour and showed them around the Helicopter!

For fireworks on the 4th we went out on Larry & Lisa's boat! Lots of food, friends, and fun!
The next day we took things easy and drove inland to the Mad River and spent the day lounging in the sun! Alex took G' out for a ride on the motorcycle! Always a good time! All in all it was a great visit and we can't wait to do it again!

Next on our list of visitors are Charlotte and Brenden! They came up for a long weekend in the beginning of September! We also took them up to see the Redwoods, wild elk and redwood shops (come on this is Redwood country you can never get too much of them!) But this time we did some hiking and went out to fern canyon and the beach. We also stopped by the station to show them the helicopter and they even got to play with some night vision goggles! On Sunday we went down to walk around Victorian Ferndale and see the Lolita Cheese Factory where Char and B bought so much cheese that I think they could have opened their own store! We then continued down and did part of the scenic drive: Ave of the Giants! It was a FABULOUS weekend! And I can not wait to do it again! I hate that although we live in the same state we're still a 10 hour drive or 300$ plane ride away!

Bobby is our next visitor... and is actually still here! He and Alex took the dogs up for an adventure filled hiking/camping weekend to Canyon Creek Lakes! I was hoping to go but didn't think taking 2 days off of work would go over so well! AH well the boys need time to be boys anyway! I am really hoping for some pictures but the chances that Alex remembered to pick up a disposable (ours is currently broken) are pretty slim! If we're real lucky we may get a few camera phone shots! Me and Alex had done part of the hike one weekend but didn’t get all the way up to the lakes; I hear they're just breathtaking! So I will just have to drag Alex back up that mountain and see for myself! And next time Bobby comes he has to bring the wife and kiddos along so we can make it a great get together!

Ok that’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed our summer as much as we did! It's so sad that we'll be saying goodbye to this gorgeous weather!


The Miller's said...

YEAH!! I love your blog! Its fun and so easy to keep up to date with friends by doing this. Glad you're on board!! :))
I know the boys stopped by Safeway so maybe they did grab a camera?

Jeffrey said...

Don't you have work to do? You should label this NSFW...
But Amy and I did enjoy your life's update!

Brian, Petra and Molly said...

That's a classic picture (the one with goofy perspective of Hana's face)! I'm sure I've seen that on a greeting card.