Coast Guard Festivities!

Tonight was the the Coast Guard Ball! And it was about what i was expecting... decent food, lots of speeches and a bit of dancing! (the DJ really could have been better) Seeing as how Alex ditched me for the weekend I went to the ball as Jeff's date (along with his wife!) although he didn't get out on the dance floor, Jason did... So i guess I had 2 dates tonight! HAHA I'm so glad I'm such good friends with their wives! It was all very entertaining, got to see some pretty dresses and some girls that you wonder if they own a mirror! John made dinner conversation quite interesting! The guys were all in the same uniform so it was hard to tell them apart, but its always nice to see them dressed up! Although I did not attend, the Coast Guard won the tug of war against the fisherman down at the marina today for the Maritime expo... I went to Cody's football game instead! which i believe they won- Go Loggers! (I didn't stay till the end cause I was watching Amy's kids while she got her hair done!) And I must send out kudos to the Navy league! The dinner they threw last night was great! Hawaiian luau themed! Tomorrow brings a memorial for the fallen men in Humboldt County as well as the return of Alex and Bobby! Can't wait to hear their stories! Lots to look forward to! I will have to bug Amy till she gets me pictures from tonight! But for now I will say goodnight!

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Ellen Leone said...

awesome site! its great to be able to catch up on what everyone's doing now that we are all spread out across the country! You guys seems to be having a great time out there! Talk to you soon!