Here's what we did in October...

Playing in the leaves!

Checking out daddy's helicopter!

Visiting dad at work!

Check out my pumpkin feet!

Meeting Great Aunt Jan!

And Great Aunt Alice!

Grandma got me a new bouncer!

Celebrating Jan & Joy's Birthday

Practicing standing on my own!

'Who me?'

Getting chilly on the beach

I do love my mirror

Uncle Luke turns 30!

Playing with Poppy & Aunt Gina

I want whatever you have!

What'cha looking at!?

Big boy at the dinner table!

napping with GG!


you want some!?

more play-gyms!

chilling with Uncle Luke!

Bundled up!

Helping dad find stuff at the storage unit!


Shopping with GG!
Sitting in the shopping cart!

Playing with Henry!

Shopping with Aunt Gina!

Happy Halloween!

Photo shoot!

Bundled up!

Out for a walk with Poppy!

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