We're Home!

So we're back from the hospital! Nell did great after laboring for almost a full 24-hrs. She started contractions (and didn't bother waking me to tell me) around 5 am. When we finally went to the hospital at about 11 pm she was 8cm dialated and pushed Mr. Aidan Kingsley Barker out at about 0330 in the morning on the 1st. She did amazing with zero drugs and no screaming! (ok maybe a little bit a yelling at the very end).

Aidan was 8 lbs 8 oz, 21", with blonde hair, and blue/grey eyes and is healthy but quiet. We'll continue to post pictures/video/ and updates over the next few days.

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Ellen Leone said...

Great Job Nell!!! Its a beautiful thing!! We wish you all the best with your new precious baby Aidan!! Love and miss you!
Ellen and Lance